Our Mission

CS4OH is about support for Computer Science in Ohio.  Our ultimate goal is to reach every child in every school in Ohio.  In order to do so there are several things to be accomplished along the way.    Our first order of business is to help pass House Bill 170 and start to rally support from all Ohioians around Computer Science education.   Teacher professional development,  K-12 curriculum pathways and standards development and building an entire community around Computer Science are also on our list of to-do's.  We consist of teachers, administrators, community members, parents and business leaders who believe this is vital to the future in Ohio.


We support House Bill 170 and believe it is a great step to bringing Computer Science education to every school.

Professional Development

We need to ensure our teachers are prepared to teach Computer Science.  There are several options available to K-12 teachers in Ohio.

Computer Science in EVERY School

We believe every child deserves the opportunity to learn computer science regardless of age, race, gender, or socio-economic status.  

Want to help spread Computer Science?

Contact your representatives and ask for their support on House Bill 170 and support Computer Science for All in Ohio.   We highly recommend writing a personal letter or email, but feel free to use our templates.

Support CS Education in Ohio

Please join our movement and ask your representative to support House Bill 170 and Computer Science in Every School.

TWEET Your support!

Add #CS4OH to all of your social media.   Follow our Twitter account @CS4OH to keep up with all of the latest happenings.