Examples of templates and emails you can use to send to your state representative.  We do urge you to write a personal email or letter and explain how CS Education would impact you and your community.

Support for HB 170

Dear {}

I urge you to support HB 170 in support of Computer Science Education.

There is high demand for workers with computer science skills. Almost every industry in Ohio is being impacted by software in the digital age, and the number of computing jobs are growing at nearing twice the national average. Plus, these are high paying jobs.

The cyber security of our nation depends on educating the next generation of students in computer science. Ohio is a leading state for military cyber defense to keep our citizens safe from those who would want to do us harm in cyber space.

Not enough Ohio schools are teaching computer science. Support for this bill  would allow school districts to  increase the number of certified computer science teachers available to districts.

By supporting HB 170, Ohio will be able to prepare our students for the jobs of the future.

General support for CS Education

Sample letter from the Code.org website to Governor Kasich, state legislatures, local government or school board.