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 Computer Science for Ohio

There are currently over 15,000 open computing jobs in Ohio  but only a little over 1100 Computer Science graduates.  More computer science will benefit everyone in Ohio in the education system the business sector and the community.


The Majority of Schools Don’t Teach Computer Science

Nine out of 10 parents want their child to learn Computer Science – yet 0nly around 40% of school teach a computer science course.


Computer Science is Foundational

Computer Science is part of our everyday lives and will continue to grow.  Our children should have the chance to learn these necessary skill just like other subjects taught in school as a peek into the world around them.  We do not teach writing to just create authors or biology to create biologists but rather give our students knowledge of what happens in everyday life.


Our children can have a secure future

The Computer Science field will continue to grow and be a prevalent part of our society.  Computer Science graduates earn more than 40% of the college average which makes for a secure future for our children.


Anyone can learn

Every child should have the opportunity to try Computer Science!  Women who try AP Computer Science in high school are 10 times more likely to major in it in college as Black and Hispanic students are 7 times more likely.


Even the kids like it

When students were polled 54% said they like Computer Science ‘alot’!  With initiatives like the Hour of Code showing students how fun creating and problem solving can be with Computer Science – it has seen higher placement on the kids likeability scale!


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